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KIIS research Project (Knowledge, Innovation, and Internationalization Strategies)
Fundación BBVA has awarded one of the 2014 projects in socioeconomics to a group of researchers from the Universitat de València, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Imperial College London, Aston University, Université Saint-Louis - Brussels and Université Catholique de Louvain. This project is titled "R&D strategies in the global economy: internal R&D investments, competition and international firm performance".

Moving past the current economic crisis will become certain if economies recoup and push up their competitiveness levels. These depend, among other factors, on R&D investments and on the existence of a business structure capable of transforming such efforts into frontline outcomes that allow for a global advantage in innovation, both at the country and the firm levels. Which R&D strategies favour a better positioning in the global economy? How to conduct private and public R&D investments? Which are the most relevant factors to face competition in international markets?

The aim of this project is to provide informed answers to these questions, to give managerial recommendations and to advise industrial and trade policy proposals. It unfolds in four research lines:

  • 1/ Complementarity and/or substitutability across firms' R&D investment strategies (internal R&D and external knowledge acquisition);
  • 2/ Competition and innovation (relating market concentration, intensity of competition and incentives to innovate before tariff reductions and the protection of property rights);
  • 3/ International R&D spillovers and multinational activity; and
  • 4/ The moderating effect of R&D on firms' mark-ups before the crisis.


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Researcher in charge: Rafael Moner-Colonques
Facultad de Economía - Campus de Tarongers
Avda. dels Tarongers s/n - 46022 Valencia (SPAIN)
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